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Ami wanted us to do a family portrait session with her kids Dilan and Devan. Ami and I spent a lot of time discussing clothes and we decided to dress up the little guys in suits, but with a casual, relaxed look, hat and all. Kudos to Ami who spent hours looking for hats and finally found them. I’m glad she did because it completed the overall look that I was envisioning, which was sort of like a 70’s look of men in suits with hats mixed with a vintage feel. Here are some pics from the shoot:

We started the shoot in Hines Park. I LOVE this shot of Devan – we spent some time posing the little guy, but I love the way the shot turned out:


A pic of the 2 brothers:

DSC_6783 - Copy

Love this pic of mom with the kids:


Decided to use their height difference to create this pic of the younger one (Devan) standing on his brother’s back and reaching up to kiss his mom – got a candid shot of the 3 laughing while Devan was trying to balance on Dilan:


As evening approached, there were too many mosquitoes out, so we headed back to Ami’s place and completed the shoot there. The sun was setting and the clouds were amazing…took out my flashes and starting snapping away – got this shot of Dilan:


A playful shot of father and son:


By now the sun was setting and the clouds turned moody – took this shot towards the end of the shoot of Ami with little Devan – love the look of this image:


After the shoot, we all went out to dinner and hung out at Ami’s place for a while. Ami, your kids are really adorable and they are troopers for going through the entire photo shoot and not complaining much at all. Sharmila and I had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys and we hope you like the images.


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Our friends Shardul and Anita wanted me to take photos of them and their family at a park here in Michigan. Shardul’s grandfather, who is 92 years old was visiting and they wanted pictures with him. The man looked amazing for being 92 years old!

Here are some pics from the day…

Look at how cute Sofia is!


She was such a ham! She posed and smiled and laughed throughout the shoot, sometimes even giving me this look like “Whatcha lookin’ at?!”


Here’s a shot of Jaisen – he just got his green belt (2nd degree) in Taekowndo, so he was really happy about that. But it was really hard getting him to look at the camera:


A shot of the entire family:


A fun shot of father and son:


A dramatic shot of Anita and Shardul:


I have a lot of really nice pics from this shoot – too many to post. But it was a lot of fun and hopefully Shardul and Anita will like the pics.

Off to a park in Novi to celebrate Father’s Day. Wishing all the dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day!

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So last week, I posted saying that Sharmila and I photographed 12 day old Deven, our friend Samir’s newborn. I love photographing newborns because they are amazing at that age – just so tiny and fragile and wrinkly and cute! 🙂 The day before, Sharmila and I planned out the props and we went and bought quite a few things. Deven was a trooper – we put him through a LOT in terms of props and plopping him on mats and chairs and even a weighing scale, but it was all in the name of getting some really cute pictures, so hopefully Deven won’t hold a grudge 🙂

Here are some of the pictures that we took – how cute is this little guy?!

My favorite shot of the day – I would enlarge this one for sure.


The little guy was in a deep sleep in the early part of the shoot.



Love his tiny little wrinkly hands!



DSC_4996 copy_1

Love this shot – he woke up for a few seconds as Sharmila was tying the bow on him:


Samir and Avani are both Michigan fans, so we had to take this shot:


Great shot of his smushed little lips:


Here he is on a weighing scale. I REALLY wanted an old school weighing scale – the kind you use in grocery stores which has a round dial and a hanging pan. Samir and Nirav looked all over for such a scale and couldn’t find one, so Nirav managed to get this one instead, which we had to make do with. Nonetheless, it made for a great picture:


Hopefully Samir and Avani will like the pictures. We had a a lot of fun shooting the images (the shoot lasted for 3 hours!), but it was worth it in the end.

Anyone else having babies? I love photographing newborns, so let me know. The best time to take pictures is while they are less than 10 days old.

I want to thank my beautiful wife for helping me with the props and coming along with me to the shoot to help out. Could not do these photo shoots without her help.

Until next time…

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Kara and Cicero

Kara and Cicero are getting married on April 18th, 2009 and they wanted me to shoot some engagement pictures of them in downtown Detroit. They are a really cool couple. Cicero is a criminal lawyer and some of the stuff that he sees at work makes you shake your head in disbelief! 🙂

They wanted a mixture of fun, unique and gritty shots, so I spent some time thinking of how I could create something different for them rather than take simple engagement shots of them gazing in to each other’s eyes and smiling and hugging which every photographer usually takes. One of the things that I try and do as a photographer is take shots that intrigue me or make me happy. At every shoot, I try and do at least 1 or 2 shots that are different and give me creative satisfaction. In other words, I try and shoot for myself, not solely just for my clients. This way, it keeps things interesting for me and when someone approaches me to do a shoot for them, I know that it’s my style that drew them to me and that I can take creative liberties with my shots on that day and that they will (hopefully) still be happy with the end result. So having said all that, here is a small sample of some of the photos that we took.

Every shot can’t be unique since you have to include a few shots that show the couple in close ups, so here’s one of them:


If you read this blog, then you probably know that I love sun flares, so here’s one of my sun flare shots from the shoot:


Another sun flare shot – I love this shot – Cicero and the city of Detroit in a silhouette while the sun’s rays seem to light up Kara:


They wanted some gritty shots, so we walked around downtown and took a bunch of shots of this well dressed couple amid rubble and graffiti. Sharmila spotted this water tower, so we took a shot of them with it as the backdrop – love the idea of a well dressed couple with the gritty streets of Detroit as a backdrop:


Like the lighting in this shot:


Here’s a shot of them with graffiti as the backdrop – this was taken in the day time, but some lighting helped created a moodier shot:


Same backdrop as above, but shows you how much light there was – I like the gritty, textured wall:


And lastly, my pièce de résistance– my favorite shot from the shoot. We got talking about who wears the pants in the family and Cicero was trying to prove that he’s the man…but Kara meant it when she said that she’s in charge and here’s the shot to prove it – Kara dragging Cicero by the collar so fast that he’s airborne 😉


As always, thanks goes to my lovely wife Sharmila for helping me with the lighting and coming up with ideas for shots. Couldn’t have done it without her help. She has a really good eye for shots and is always there to help every couple try and feel at ease and relax. Hopefully Kara and Cicero will like our efforts and our creativity. It was a lot of fun and the shoot gave me a lot to think about on how to improve as a photographer.

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I am shooting Patrick and Charisse’s wedding this summer and as part of the wedding package that they selected, they also got an engagement shoot. I thought I’d share some of the pictures that we took from yesterday’s shoot.

Patrick and Charisse are a beautiful, hip, but laid back couple who were totally open to suggestions from us, even though it meant that we were trying out something new and risky like the shot I have posted below. Patrick reminds me of a young version of Lionel Ritchie. The guy looks just like Lionel and sings in a band (soul and RnB). Charisse was funny and had ideas of her own for the shoot, one of which was cute and funny.

I am trying to develop a personal style for my photo shoots, which is centered around shooting high fashion, glamorous engagement and wedding shots,  so I told them that it was going to be a sexy, fashion infused shoot and they came dressed for it! Patrick looked dashing in a suit and Charisse had a classy, colorful dress on.

Given that it’s really cold outside and outdoor shots were just not possible, we headed out to the Book Cadillac hotel to take some indoor shots. If you’ve never been to the Book Cadillac hotel, it’s an amazing, old hotel with a newly renovated interior. Sharmila assisted me on the shoot with lighting and ideas for some of the shots, and I’m really glad that she came along because she was a huge help in many ways (helping me with equipment, sharing her ideas for shots, keeping the clients engaged in banter while I got the next shot ready, etc).

As a photographer, I’ve been trying to add different tricks to my trade to differentiate my work from that of other talented photographers out there. The two areas I’ve been focusing on are lighting and posing. There is a lot to learn with lighting – how to create it, reduce it, control it, etc, since lighting can make a world of different in creating drama. And posing a couple in a certain way can totally change the feel of the shot from cute to sexy to fashionable. Going in to the shoot, I had thought about all of these things and had this idea for a really dramatic shot that I wanted to create in the lobby.

Here is what the lobby of the hotel looks like:


I really liked the candle like hanging light fixtures that they have on the ceiling and I wanted to use those lights in a creative way in my shot. The problem was that there is too much going on in the lobby with the pillars, the seating area, the escalators, etc that would take away from the focus being on the couple and the ceiling lights. So I decided to cut out most of the ambient light, switched over to manual (on both camera and flash), asked Sharmila to stand to the left of the camera, out of the frame and focus the flash (mounted on a monopod) on the couple  and took this shot (click on it to view a larger version):


It makes for a much more interesting and dramatic shot in my mind than simply taking the same shot with all the ambient lighting. The candle lights now seem to hang in space, creating a romantic and dramatic shot. Goes to show you how you can change the look and feel of a room or a setting by being able to control and direct the light, all from using your in-camera settings.

For the next shot, Sharmila suggested that we use the railings in the lobby that overlooks a chanderlier. The problem was that there were a lot of people sitting on the other side of this room (on the other side of the railing) and they would all come in to the shot. After posing Patrick and Charisse, Sharmila helped me light the couple with the flash while I played with my camera settings to bring down the ambient light to hide the people in the background and we got this shot:


Here is another shot in the same location – this is one of Sharmila’s favorites from the shoot:


For the next shot, I wanted to focus on Charisse’s ring, but I wanted them in the shot in a close up embrace, so I settled on this composition:


This next shot was a fun shot that we took in the Italian room. I took Sharmila’s iPhone, put it on camera mode and asked them to kiss. It’s subtle, but I like how their reflection can be seen on the lamp stands on either side:


We ended the shoot at the Venetian ballroom. This room is really gorgeous, but they had hundreds of chairs stacked up on all 4 walls in the room, making it difficult for us to take a shot with the full room in view. So I improvised and took some shots of them in just parts of the room.  Since it was a ballroom and they were dressed for it, we decided to shoot them in a dance pose. Here’s Patrick dipping Charisse – isn’t the ballroom amazing?


To end the day, I decided to take another dramatic lighting shot, this time, underexposing the ambient light, as well as the huge chandeliers and wall sconces, and adding flash on the couple. Here is what we ended up with – keep in mind that this was all done in-camera – removing light and adding it to specific areas sometimes totally changes the mood of a shot:


It was a fun shoot, but Sharmila and I were tired at the end of it. But it gave me the opportunity to try out new things, add a new dimension to my portfolio and hopefully take some shots that Patrick and Charisse will like. It also gave me the chance to really play with Nikon’s iTTL and manual flash settings and the system works like a charm. Amazing just how much control you have over your off camera lighting all from within you camera.

Thanks once again to my lovely partner in crime, my wife Sharmila for coming along for the shoot. Couldn’t have done it without you! I love you!

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Our friends Sashin and Soni requested that I shoot some photos of their “peanut” Serena. Sharmila and I went over to take some pictures of this cutie! She was so much fun to shoot. She was running around, falling on to pillows, playing with her toys and giving me a workout as I was trying to keep up with her to take shots! Towards the end of the shoot, we put her in a chef’s apron and put her in the kitchen with pots and pans and here is 1 of the shots that we took of her – her personality really came out in these shots.


Thanks guys for having us over. It was a lot of fun and we got some good pictures out of the shoot. She is officially my youngest (and cutest!) model. 🙂

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Miles happened to stumble on my blog and contacted me to see if I would shoot some model type shots for him. He is an aspiring actor and wants to break in to the Detroit movie industry and eventually move out to Hollywood. So I met him downtown and we shot some pictures (first time that I got to use my new SB-80 flash and that too off-camera!). His brother was my flash stand since I had left my tripod at home. 🙂 Here are some of the many photos that we shot.




We shot this pic below when it was still light outside, but it’s cool to manipulate the flash and camera to make day in to night!





It was a lot of fun shooting Miles and I wish him the best of luck – here’s hoping he gets to work with Johnny Depp in the 4th Pirates movie which Miles tells me will be shot entirely in Detroit using green screen!

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