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Our 5 year anniversary is coming up in a week and since we can’t travel the weekend of our anniversary, we decided to take a trip before the date of our actual anniversary. We had planned to go to Spain, but when that didn’t look like it was going to happen, we decided to go to Martha’s Vineyard (MV). We had both heard a lot of great things about MV and it seemed like a quaint, romantic place to go celebrate our 5th year of marriage.

We were staying at the Winnetu resort, a beach side resort in Edgartown. After driving for 5 hours and taking the ferry in to Vineyard Haven, we took the shuttle to the resort, had dinner at the resort restaurant and planned out the activities for our stay.

I am usually not an early morning person, but since the resort was on the south eastĀ side of MV, I decided to wake up early the next morning and go to the beach behind the resort to try and watch the sunrise. I have to say that even though I had to wake up at 6am after traveling for the most part of the previous day and I was very tired, the whole experience was so worth it! I have tried to capture the beauty of the sunrise in my photos as best as I could, but my photography skills do not do full justice to the stunning scenery.

Click on each pic to see a larger version.

Here is a pic of of the path that I had to cross behind the resort to get to the beach. The sun was not out yet, but the clouds were starting to turn orange and purple.


I went and sat down by the ocean and looked up at the skies. The sun was just starting to rise,Ā  but it was cloudy, so the sun’s rays were breaking through the clouds and it looked fantastic. A friend of mine said that when the sun’s rays break through the clouds like this, it’s called “God’s Fingers”.


Here is a closer shot of the sun’s raysĀ breaking through the clouds. The clouds started turning golden orange.


This is my favorite capture from the trip. The sunĀ started to comeĀ of the clouds and lit up the sand. It was great to just sit there and watch the scenery change slowly as the sun started rising.


As the sun kept rising, the blue sky turned golden orange color.

DSC_7478_79_80 - Copy

As I was takingĀ pics, aĀ seagull flew over my head and stood in front of me, almost as if it was watching the sunrise with me. I like this shot and the colors in it and how the rays shine through the clouds on to the ocean, making the water glisten.


After taking some pics and sitting on the beach absorbing it all in, I headed back to the room to wake Sharmila up. We ate breakfast, got ready and decided to head out to visit Edgartown, Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven. There was a wedding going on at the resort and I saw this car parked outside. The bride and groom probably used to it arrive at the resort. Love these kinds of old 60’s automobiles.


We rented a car (never rent aĀ  car from Budget Rental in MV – bad service, cobwebs in the car!) and drove out to Edgartown. Here is a pic of the Edgartown lighthouse. I like the way this pic turned out, especially the reflection in the lake.


After walking around in Edgartown, we drove to Oak Bluffs, which is known for its Gingerbread houses. Some of these homes were built in the 1700’s! They were really small on the outside and very very colorful. Here is a pic of Sharmila standing on the porch ofĀ one of these tiny houses.


Here is one of me sitting next toĀ a bright purple one!


After walking around Oak Bluffs, we drove west to Menemsha, which is a fishing villiage known for its spectacular sunsets. I took this shot of the fishing villiage with it’s rustic buildings and boats that I really like.


We then drove to Gay Head and I got another shot of the lighthouse there. We also met a group of 3 ladies who were super friendly and chatted with us for 20 minutes and one of the ladies from Vermont even gave us her number and asked us to call her when we decide to go visit! Super nice people and it was fun meeting them.


Ok, so I did not take this next picture, but I found it on Google images and decided to include it in my post for a reason. As we left the lighthouse to go to dinner, we saw a skunk right in front of us and had to change our course so as not to get sprayed. On our walk to our restaurant, we saw another skunk lurking by the roadside and saw yet another skunkĀ  later on that night. Was it the same skunk following us around? It was just funny and I wish I had taken a picture of the actual skunk, but I wanted to put up this pic just to remind us of the skunk that would not leave us alone šŸ™‚

The next day it poured all day due to a storm that hit the east coast, so we didn’t do much except have a relaxing breakfast, go back to our room and relax some more, pack and then head back home. It was a fun trip and a nice way to spend our 5 years of togetherness. šŸ™‚


Coney Island

We started off the day by going over to Fatema’s parent’s place for Eid. It was really nice of them to invite us over to their place and we got to see her family, hang out with the kids and spend Eid with them. After that, we decided to head out to Brooklyn. Neither of us had ever been to Coney Island before and since it is such a popular Brooklyn landmark, we decided to drive there this afternoon. It was very chilly by the time we got there, but nonetheless, we walked on the boardwalk for some time and had Nathan’s famous hot dogs and did some people watching. A few pictures from the boardwalk:

DSC_7342_3_4 copy

DSC_7345_6_7 copy

Later on, we stopped by Rohi and Gitesh’s placeĀ near Prospect Park in Brooklyn and hung out at their place before driving back home. It has beenĀ a really busy weekend between going to South Street Seaport to driving out to the Hamptons yesterday and spending all day there and driving back the same day to going out to Coney Island and spending all day in Brooklyn today, but it was fun, we got to hang out and see some good friends and take some pictures while we were at it.

The Hamptons

Sharmila and I drove out to the Hamptons yesterday. Since it was a Saturday, there was hardly any traffic and we got there in plenty of time to drive through West Hampton, South Hampton, Bridge Hampton and East Hampton. South Hampton has “old money” and the mansions along the beach were AMAZING! Here is a picture of one of the mansions (the beach is behind this massive house):

mansion copy

After driving around these mansions in South Hampton, we drove to East Hampton and walked around the beach there. It was not crowded at all and it was really peaceful and nice for the two of us to leisurely stroll along the beach and we took a bunch of pictures:

hamptons copy

Saw this little guy washed up on the sand and trying to crawl back in:

DSC_7272 copy

We took a long walk on the beach. It was perfect – the sun was setting, it was not too hot and not crowded at all. Along the way, Sharmila picked up all sorts of pebbles and shells that she wanted to bring home and kept stuffing them in to my jeans pockets. I love this shot of her walking on the sand:

DSC_7294 copy


DSC_7238 copy

After the beach, we went to downtown East Hampton to walk around the quaint streets lined with shops. Along the way, we saw this windmill and had to stop to take a picture of it:

windmill_hamptons copy

We finally drove back home from the Hamptons to NJ around 11:30pm. It was a long day, but it was fun driving out to the Hamptons and spending a day looking at mansions and walking on the beach.

South Street Seaport

We drove in to the city to South Street Seaport and walked around the pier. Took this shot of the pier – the sky had an orange hue from all the lights:

South Street Seaport

Had dinner at a restaurant called the Pacific Grill and the manager of the restaurant happened to be the manager of Ragini, an Indian restaurant I used to frequent in NJ many years ago. Small world šŸ™‚

Sharmila and I walked to the boardwalk by our condo in Jersey City to view the Twin Tower lights that they had put up in memory of 9/11. A few pics from our walk:

DSC_6927 - Copy

DSC_6949 - Copy

Our prayers go out to the victims and their families.

Ami wanted us to do a family portrait session with her kids Dilan and Devan. Ami and I spent a lot of time discussing clothes and we decided to dress up the little guys in suits, but with a casual, relaxed look, hat and all. Kudos to Ami who spent hours looking for hats and finally found them. I’m glad she did because it completed the overall look that I was envisioning, which was sort of like a 70’s look of men in suits with hats mixed with a vintage feel. Here are some pics from the shoot:

We started the shoot in Hines Park. I LOVE this shot of Devan – we spent some time posing the little guy, but I love the way the shot turned out:


A pic of the 2 brothers:

DSC_6783 - Copy

Love this pic of mom with the kids:


Decided to use their height difference to create this pic of the younger one (Devan) standing on his brother’s back and reaching up to kiss his mom – got a candid shot of the 3 laughing while Devan was trying to balance on Dilan:


As evening approached, there were too many mosquitoes out, so we headed back to Ami’s place and completed the shoot there. The sun was setting and the clouds were amazing…took out my flashes and starting snapping away – got this shot of Dilan:


A playful shot of father and son:


By now the sun was setting and the clouds turned moody – took this shot towards the end of the shoot of Ami with little Devan – love the look of this image:


After the shoot, we all went out to dinner and hung out at Ami’s place for a while. Ami, your kids are really adorable and they are troopers for going through the entire photo shoot and not complaining much at all. Sharmila and I had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys and we hope you like the images.